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  1. Cruz Baca letter to the Chief of Police
    Here is Council member Ricardo Pacheco lying that Greg Tuttle is Cruz Baca's campaign manager and that if she wants an investigation one will be conducted. This after she wrote a letter to the Baldwin Park chief of Police detailing some of her concerns regarding Ricardo Pacheco's abusive behavior towards her and nothing was done.
  2. Pacheco don't want questions asked by Baca and Rubio
    Council member Ricardo Pacheco does not want Council members Cruz Baca and Susan Rubio to ask questions pertaining to items on the agenda. Why? Because Ricardo Pacheco does not want his buddy deals with consultants being exposed. Tax payers money being misused for personal interest.
  3. Greg Tuttle speaking about frivolous restraining order
    Business owner Greg Tuttle speaking about the frivolous restraining order filed by Mayor Manuel Lozano, Ricardo Pacheco, and Monica Garcia all with the intent to shut him up because he is exposing their corruption.
  4. Garcia interrupts Rubio & Pacheco Claps
    Monica Garcia interrupts Susan Rubio while asking questions regarding misusing tax payers money. Garcia and Pacheco don't want these questions asked so they keep on trying to silence Rubio. Pacheco then mocks the audience by clapping along with them then putting his thumbs down.

Ricardo Pacheco Walks out of Council meeting

Council member Monica Garcia and Ricardo Pacheco keep interrupting Council member Susan Rubio because she is questioning where the city money is going. Ricardo Pacheco has given and continues to give tax payers money to his consultant buddies all to get a piece of the pie. 

Since Council member Cruz Baca called him out on his filter scam he decided to walk out of the council meeting for the 2nd meeting in a row a long with council member Monica Garcia. 

If they can't stay until the meeting is over and all questions are answered then they need to resign now before they go to prison.

Who is the Mayor?

Ricardo Pacheco say's "NO" to include Baldwin Park business owners on the advisory committee so they can have input as to how the business improvement tax fund money is being spent.

What is Ricardo Pacheco afraid of? That we will see more of his corruption and expose his buddy deals to consultants because he is mis using tax payer's money.

This is money that the businesses pay into every year as an assesment and it is being mis used.